One Significant Verse Christians Forget In Their Haste to Victim-Blame

It’s an unfortunate truth that many Christians fall into the habit of victim blaming, especially when it comes to rape, sexual assault, and unwanted sexual attention of any sort. Jehovah’s Witnesses, the religion of my childhood, is no different; their Watchtower magazine has outright blamed women for being raped and for raising rapists.

A person doesn’t even need to be religious to victim-blame in cases of sexual assault; even judges have asked what a woman was wearing, was she drunk, and so on, when determining rape and assault cases.

Common sense would tell anyone that a man is responsible for what he does with his penis as much as I’m responsible for what I do with my fists, but set that aside for a moment. In addition to common sense, Christians also tend to ignore their own bible on this subject:

“And if your eye makes you stumble, throw it away. It is better for you to enter one-eyed into the Kingdom of God than to be thrown with two eyes into Ge·henʹna.” (Mark 9:47)

This scripture and its corresponding verse in Matthew 5:29 leave no room for worrying about what someone else is doing, they make no allowances for insisting that someone else change their dress, demeanor, schedule, or anything in order to accommodate your weaknesses.

Somehow Christians forget these verses in their haste to blame victims for someone else’s bad behavior, as well as Romans 14:12, which says that each will render an account for himself to god, and Galations 6:5, which says that each one must carry his own load. Victim blaming is not supported anywhere in the Christian scriptures; taking responsibility for your own actions is repeated constantly, however.

Remember these simple verses when Christians especially try to victim-blame someone who’s been subjected to unwanted sexual advances or even worse. Perhaps if Christians read their own bible and applied these simple verses and started putting the blame where it belongs, namely, at the feet of the rapists rather than in the closet of the victims, there would be far fewer rapes to begin with.

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